and Ethical

Gallan Group is a family owned company with strong family values. We appreciate our role within the wider community and take it very seriously.


Gallan Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of sustainability in all of its schemes and has two principle areas of focus – energy consumption and climate change.

We believe the key to our long term and continued client relationships is to be at the forefront of the sustainability agenda and best practice guidance, so that our clients do not have to.

Gallan embraces the latest ideas, technology and systems to minimise any waste and impact on the environment. So much of the current problem with energy wastage can be attributed to poor design on existing buildings. We cannot change the past but we can positively influence the future which is why Gallan embrace sustainable practices in all that we do.

Gallan believe that our developments and working practices should have as little impact on the environment as possible and we incorporate working initiatives that will make a real difference.

Gallan’s ‘Green’ Promise is to set rather than follow best practice

On every Gallan Development project we promise to exceed Government legislation relating to energy consumption. We do this by designing buildings that will:
1. Minimise energy consumption during construction
2. Be efficient in operation 
3. Have enhanced lifecycles through adaptability and longevity

The construction industry produces around one third of all waste in the UK every year and is the largest consumer of natural resources. With this in mind, in every Gallan development project we seek to incorporate the efficient use of materials and resources into our design of buildings and minimise resource use during construction.

We require our contract development partners to adhere to Gallan’s monitoring and reporting templates for the measurement of energy, water and waste during construction to ensure benchmarking, monitoring and continual improvement is obtained.


Gallan work to support, update and educate clients on sustainability best practice. This is a mutual partnership relationship where Gallan guide and support clients on best practice and cost benefit analysis depending on their requirements and budgetary constraints.

Our aim is to engage with our customers early and on an ongoing basis to understand their needs and aspirations and identify ways of improving their and our environmental and social performance at all levels.

Changing Clients Perceptions

In practice many new Gallan clients are cautious of sustainable design practices, often a result of a misplaced fear of increased capital expense compared to traditional design and build methods.

Gallan prides itself on close working partnerships and although we cannot force anyone to outperform national green legislation, we can show and explain on an individual basis how reduced ongoing running and maintenance costs offset any initial upfront cost and can future proof assets against progressively stricter national legislative requirements.